Groups-Cased Images


Quarter-plate daguerreotype of the occupational wagon of Webster & Bailey, New Britain. Men are examining the firm’s wares at a table behind the wagon.


Sixth-plate daguerreotype showing four children and two men, one of whom gives a salute or a greeting, standing in front of a small building. All subjects hold their hats in their hands. Signs above the building’s two door read “Post Office” and “E. Bailey Jr. / Cheap Cash Store.” The location is Ledyard Centre, Connecticut. Elijah Bailey, Jr. (1817-1900) was born in North Stonington, CT. Following his marriage in 1842, he moved to Ledyard Centre. He was appointed Postmaster of Ledyard in 1849, which suggests this image was taken after that date.


Half-plate daguerreotype by Julius Brill, Chatham Square, NY of a family with two children.


Large framed, tinted European daguerreotype, oval opening 6″ x 4.5″ showing three children before a white-washed stone wall, a staircase to their left. The older child is holding a basket of flowers.


Half-plate daguerreotype by Sterling C. McIntyre, dentist & Daguerreian of a beautiful group of ten children. He operated in Tallahassee, Florida in 1844; Charleston, SC in 1846; NYC in 1850-’51. In 1851 he made a 5-panel panorama of San Francisco. He also made gold mining views.


Half-plate daguerreotype of the Rutgers Female Institute, Class of 1848, located at that time on Madison Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Vintage slip of paper attached to case mat reads “Carrie Hubbell’s Graduating Class at Rutgers–Carrie is in upper row–2nd from left hand with fan. Henrietta Piercy with long curls in right hand corner on floor.”


This and the next image are a pair of tinted daguerreotypes by C.H. Williamson of Brooklyn, NY of members of the same family. This image is a half-plate daguerreotype of a father with two children in an affectionate pose. From the ID on the quarter-plate image, below, the sitters are James Augustus Ostrom, Sr. (1813-1879), Eliza Edwards Ostrom (1855-1903), and Benjamin Edward Ostrom (1859-1886). This image arrived in my collection in a destroyed half-plate leather push-button case, the type of case used by Williamson, and was re-cased into its current full leather case. The second image, below, is a tinted quarter-plate daguerreotype by Williamson of a mother and child in an affectionate pose. The child is Eliza Edwards Ostrom, one of the children pictured in this half-plate image. Paper pinned to the case mat identifies the sitters as “Mrs. Mary E. Ostrom & daughter Eliza Edwards Ostrom.” Given the ages of the children in these images, I would guess that the images were made in 1860. All of these people are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. The quarter-plate is housed in a full leather, push-button case.


Half-plate ambrotype by R.M. McIntosh & S.F. Sterlin of the “Montpelier Brass Band.”


Ninth-plate daguerreotype of group of 13 women.


Quarter-plate ambrotype of large group of men and boys, all in hats. Several have large drums, looks like a couple have rifles or shotguns.


Quarter-plate daguerreotype of a large building with 4 columns. “S.W. Leigh” on building. There is a photo frame hanging on the second from left column. High up on the side of the building there is a man standing in the ‘doorway to nowhere.’ There is a horse and buggy with people at lower left. There are 4 men and 2 boys standing on the porch. At least one of the men appears to be African-American. In the background, in the doorway there is a woman’s face. Given the frame with photographs hanging outside, it is reasonable to assume that there is a studio within.


Enlargements of sections of 50149 showing the man in the doorway high up on the side of the building and the people on the porch with the photo display.

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