Outdoor Images


Sixth-plate daguerreotype showing four children and two men, one of whom gives a salute or a greeting, standing in front of a small building. All subjects hold their hats in their hands. Signs above the building’s two door read “Post Office” and “E. Bailey Jr. / Cheap Cash Store.” The location is Ledyard Centre, Connecticut. Elijah Bailey, Jr. (1817-1900) was born in North Stonington, CT. Following his marriage in 1842, he moved to Ledyard Centre. He was appointed Postmaster of Ledyard in 1849, which suggests this image was taken after that date.


Quarter-plate daguerreotype by Jerry Spagnoli of the Thunderbolt roller coaster in Coney Island. The Thunderbolt was a wooden roller coaster located at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Designed by John Miller, it operated from 1925 until 1982 and remained standing until it was demolished in 2000


Quarter-plate daguerreotype by J.B. Cox, Danville, Pa. taken in a cemetery in Jerseytown, Pa. Along the bottom of the mat is written “Drawn by J.B. Cox May 20, 1854.” Interesting language describing a photographic image. In the back of the case is written “Graves of Father & Sister & little cousin, Levi Bisel, H. Josie Bisel, Robt. Thornton McCay, Jerseytown, Montour Co., Pa.” Levi was born on October 24, 1814 and died on July 17, 1847. Josie was born on July 26, 1844 and died five months later on Jan. 12, 1845. Jerseytown in now in the county adjacent to Montour Co. which is Columbia County. There is only one cemetery in Jerseytown, the Jerseytown Cemetery which is located about a mile east of the village of Jerseytown on the main road to Millville (Route 254), on the south side of the road. On May 23, 1825 one acre from the Daniel Welliver Estate was sold to three trustees: Thomas Funston, Jacob DeMott, and Jeremiah Welliver, for $1.00 for “public burying grounds.” On August 23, 1926, the Jerseytown Cemetery Association was incorporated. It is an active, well maintained cemetery.


Another image of the daguerreotype above along with the handwriting in the back of the case.


Large framed, tinted European daguerreotype, oval opening 6″ x 4.5″ showing three children before a white-washed stone wall, a staircase to their left. The older child is holding a basket of flowers.


Full-plate ambrotype of couple posed at Niagara Falls.


Interesting group of 3 sixth-plate daguerreotypes. One is shown here and the other two are shown in 50144 & 50145. The same boy is shown in all 3 images. My guess is that the photographer decided to experiment and used images of his son in the process. The image of the boy in a star overlay on an outdoor daguerreotype is unique as far as I can tell.


Quarter-plate daguerreotype of a large building with 4 columns. “S.W. Leigh” on building. There is a photo frame hanging on the second from left column. High up on the side of the building there is a man standing in the ‘doorway to nowhere.’ There is a horse and buggy with people at lower left. There are 4 men and 2 boys standing on the porch. At least one of the men appears to be African-American. In the background, in the doorway there is a woman’s face. Given the frame with photographs hanging outside, it is reasonable to assume that there is a studio within.


Enlargements of sections of 50149 showing the man in the doorway high up on the side of the building and the people on the porch with the photo display.


Half-plate daguerreotype of commercial buildings in Le Roy, NY. At left there is a sign for “S.S. Bryant,” and another for “J. Newman Saddle & Harness Maker.” S.S. Bryant was a druggist and J. Newman a saddler in that town, 1855.


Sixth-plate occupational daguerreotype. The cart reads “D & P Hildreth Beverly.” The 1850 Beverly, Massachusetts census contains the families of Daniel and Paul Hildreth living in the same dwelling. Both were soap chandlers, along with Daniel’s sons George and Daniel. Originally the occupation of chandler made candles and then extended to those who fashioned items used in church offerings, then to those who made soap and to ship’s chandlers who made and sold candles as well as other items to be used on ships.

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