Women-Cased Images


Sixth-plate daguerreotype of African-American nanny with white child.


Sixth-plate daguerreotype of African-American woman. She looks directly into the camera and her arm rests on several books on the table by her side.


Ninth-plate tinted daguerreotype of an African-American woman identified as Mariella Williams, Salisbury, Ct.


Sixth-plate daguerreotype of a smiling woman and young boy before a fine backdrop with great depth.


Inside of the case of the image below. Found at Last! The Best Picture Glass.


Quarter-plate daguerreotype by W. & F. Langenheim, Philadelphia of a pensive woman in three-quarter pose.


Half-plate daguerreotype of the Rutgers Female Institute, Class of 1848, located at that time on Madison Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Vintage slip of paper attached to case mat reads “Carrie Hubbell’s Graduating Class at Rutgers–Carrie is in upper row–2nd from left hand with fan. Henrietta Piercy with long curls in right hand corner on floor.”


Pair of sixth-plate double-matted daguerreotypes in a mother-of-pearl case.


This and the image above are a pair of tinted daguerreotypes by C.H. Williamson of Brooklyn, NY of members of the same family. This image is a quarter-plate daguerreotype. Paper pinned to the case mat identifies the sitters as “Mrs. Mary E. Ostrom & daughter Eliza Edwards Ostrom (1855-1903).” The child, Eliza Edwards Ostrom, is one of the children pictured in the half-plate image above.  Given the ages of the children in these images, I would guess that the images were made in 1860. All of these people are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. This image is housed in a full leather, push-button case.


Ninth-plate daguerreotype of group of 13 women.


Sxith-plate ambrotype by L.D. Johnson of two women with open books.


Full-plate ambrotype of couple posed at Niagara Falls.


Quarter-plate daguerreotype of a large building with 4 columns. “S.W. Leigh” on building. There is a photo frame hanging on the second from left column. High up on the side of the building there is a man standing in the ‘doorway to nowhere.’ There is a horse and buggy with people at lower left. There are 4 men and 2 boys standing on the porch. At least one of the men appears to be African-American. In the background, in the doorway there is a woman’s face. Given the frame with photographs hanging outside, it is reasonable to assume that there is a studio within.


Enlargements of sections of 50149 showing the man in the doorway high up on the side of the building and the people on the porch with the photo display.


Ambrotype, 5″ x 4,” of a woman, a girl, and a dog, attractively posed.


Sixth-plate color pencil drawing identified as Sally Grimes drawn from life. Housed in a thermoplastic case (Berg 2-32, Vase of Fruit).


Sixth-plate color pencil drawing identified as Sally Grimes drawn from life. Housed in a thermoplastic case (Berg 2-32, Vase of Fruit).


Sixth-plate daguerreotype of a couple, each holding books. The woman may be a person of color.


Ninth-plate daguerreotype of a child in circular mat. Remove the mat and you find the mother. We value what they did not want us to see.


Sixth-plate daguerreotype of attractive woman posed before a primitive backdrop probably indicating the cramped quarters of an itinerant traveling photographer.

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