Barnum, D.-HV


13 inch mortar, weight 17200 lbs., West Point.


474. Cozzens Hotel, West Point. Located on the former Ladycliff College grounds, now the West Point Visitor’s Center and Museum, the hotel was the meeting place for the wealthy and the many visitors to West Point. Guests often arrived by boat at Cozzens Dock and were driven by carriage to the hotel. The overflow of guests were often brought to nearby  homes and smaller hotels in Buttermilk Falls, the original name of Highland Falls (changed in 1866). The Cozzens family originally came from Newport, Rhode Island. William B. Cozzens acquired a great deal of property in the Highland Falls area and by 1849 he opened the original Cozzens Hotel on some of his property. In 1861 the hotel caught on fire and cadets were sent to help with the fire. It burnt down, and a new hotel was built in the spring.


West Point.

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