Tax Stamps-Misc.


The Capitol, Washington, DC.


African Gorilla shot by a native African and sent to Edward Hitchcock at Amherst Col. This stuffed specimen of the Troglodytes Gorilla belongs to the Zoological Cabinet of Amherst College. He was killed near the Gaboon River, in Africa, in the Spring of 1862, and presented by Rev. Wm. Walker, Missionary. From marks upon the skeleton he evidently was an old fellow, and had seen hard fighting. The attitude in which he is placed is taken from Du Chaillu’s Book of Travels, representing the appearance of one that killed his hunter, whose gun missed fire when endeavoring to shoot the Gorilla. In his rage he killed the hunter with one blow upon his bowels, bent his gun with his hands and bit the gun barrel so hard as to leave marks of his teeth upon it. Tax stamp cancelled 4/1/71.

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