Presidents other than Lincoln


Andrew Johnson, “Swinging Around the Circle,” Geneva, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1866.


Managers of the House of Representatives of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The House impeachment committee was made up of: John Bingham, George S. Boutwell, Benjamin Butler, John A. Logan, Thaddeus Stevens, James F. Wilson, and Thomas Williams. The president’s defense team was made up of Henry Stanbery, William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis, Thomas A. R. Nelson and William S. Groesbeck. On the advice of counsel, the president did not appear at the trial.


Centennial Souvenir-Presidents.


Prominent Portraits No. 3878. Lieut. Gen’l Ulysses S. Grant, Com. in Chief Armies of the U.S.

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