Kimball, H.A.-PP


Pike, the Hampton Falls Murderer. Josiah Little Pike murdered Thomas Brown and his wife at hampton Falls, May, 1868. Pike killed the old people for their money. Brown was a well-to-do farmer, living in a pleasant old house on the road leading from Hampton Falls Corner to Amesbury, Massachusetts, and was about seventy-five years old, while his wife was seventy-two. They had lived together more than half a century. Pike had worked on the old man’s farm for a while previous to the murder. In his confession the murderer said his intention was only to rob the old people, and at first he had no thought of murder. but, as he entered the dooryard he saw the ax, and knowing that he was on no good errand, he took it up to defend himself in case the neighbors should be alarmed. At the kitchen door, he rapped twice, and was answered by the old lady, who did not know him at first, but in a moment screamed “Oh! John Ross, is this you?” He then struck her with the ax, and similarly disposed of the old man, who soon appeared. He said he was not in the house five minutes, but took the money from the bureau-about $500-and an overcoat, and left. He was executed by hanging at Concord, N.H. on Nov. 9, 1869.


No. 336. Hermit.

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