Floating Bridge. View of Proctor’s Photographic Van on bridge. Proctor was awarded Patent Number 83,545 in 1868 for a photographic room. The room was designed in the shape of an elongated oval, which reflected light toward the center of the room. The room was lighted artificially through a magnesium flame. Photographs could be taken with a 15 second exposure, day or night. Proctor was murdered by his wife: Salem, Mass., Feb 2. — The police this afternoon arrested Mrs. Proctor for the murder of her husband, George K. Proctor, on July 27, 1882, on a capias, the Grand Jury having found an indictment. Mr. Proctor was found unconscious in his cellar, and it was at first thought to be paralysis, but an autopsy showed that he had a bullet in his brain. Detectives have worked on the case since, resulting in this arrest.

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