Boudoir Cards-PC


Salt print of Aaron Molyneaux Hewlett, the first African-American on the Harvard University staff and the director and curator of the Harvard Gymnasium from 1859 to 1871. He taught gymnastics, boxing and the use of dumbbells. He is pictured here with the tools of his craft: boxing gloves, Indian clubs, dumbbells, medicine balls and the wooden wand. At the time most physical culture figures generally recommended light apparatus work but Hewlett appeared to favor much heavier clubs and dumbbells. Hewlett’s daughter, Virginia, married Frederick Douglass. In 1900, his son, E.M. Hewlett, became the first African-American lawyer to win a case before the US Supreme Court (Carter vs. Texas). Image measures 8.25″ x 6″ on a 13″ x 9.25″ mount.


Man with Indian Clubs.


Compliments of Edelstein & Reckhart. Two men with Indian Clubs and dumbbell.


Princeton-’73. Group with Indian Clubs and barbell.


Women’s gymnastics class, wall of Indian Clubs.


Recreational group of men with high-wheel bicycles, Indian Clubs, fishing rods, and baseball bat. Note the African-American man at center rear.


Young man with Indian Clubs.


Man with Indian Clubs.


Vermont Academy, Saxtons River. Women’s gymnastics class with dumbbells.


Man with Indian Clubs.


6 o’clock Gymnastic Class, Dana Hall, 1889-90. Dana Hall School was founded in 1881 in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Most of the women are identified on verso. They are posed with Indian Clubs, dumbbells, hoops and poles.


Two young men with Indian Clubs. On verso is written “Trayers.”


Left Platoon, Light Battery “K”, 1st U.S. Artillery. Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, 1898. Written on verso “Geronimo was held here in 1886.” The man executing the split at front is William Smith, who is pictured in item 45220 & 45221. They are posed with Indian Clubs and boxing gloves.

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